Monday, 5 June 2017

His Last Days...

There was a man , an old man . He was very disciplined or we can say strict and cold like other people used to say . But he was very lonely. People who lived around him thought he is a criminal or something because he never used to talk to anyone. Maybe he liked his own company or he liked isolation. One day, when he was going for his regular evening walk, he saw a small puppy who had a fresh wound by the car passed. It was so small as like a rat . Its white body was shivering with cold and pain, its face was telling its unbearable pain. He was trying to shout in his soft voice , trying to ask someone for help . His body was surrounded in mud. He was feeling uneasy. The old man could not control himself and melted . He could not be more harsh. He took it  in his house. There , he cleaned it and applied the necessary antiseptic. With this , the puppy started feeling comfort in his arms. he named it Smuffy. He gave it food to eat and water to drink . Soon he became his only partner. They both started living with each other. They slept together, ate together and walked together every day. The puppy soon became a dog and the old man grew more older. The dog used to wait for him every single minute when his owner was not in front his eyes. They both complete each other. People around his home also changed their opinion about him. 

One day, the old man went to market.....the dog keep waiting.....but the man never returned. the last word that the man spoke was the name of his child, his only child, Smuffy. Till his last breathe , it was with him.  

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